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No. 1

Actuaries Know the Total Picture.

We can fully comprehend the ramifications
of a certain asset allocation on a

Cash Balance Plan, because we know the whole picture behind the scenes specifically:


How close individuals are to their

Code Section 415 maximum lump

sum benefit level


What impact a certain asset return

could have on minimum

funding requirements

No. 2

We Are Different.

We provide a unique service. CBM provides

actuarial-designed, managed account services that perform simulation on both plan assets and plan actuarial considerations
to arrive
at proper asset allocation.

No. 3

You Maintain Control

of the Relationship.

You maintain control of your relationship

with your client.


You retain custody of plan assets.

We help you provide the right asset allocation for your client’s Cash Balance Plan.

No. 4

Best-Fit Asset Allocation.

We provide your client with the best-fit asset allocation for their specific Cash Balance Plan. This is not one size fits all.


We provide the right amount of growth

while limiting the potential negative consequences of the plan being overfunded
or underfunded.

No. 5

Peace of Mind.

Peace of mind knowing that the plan asset allocation is actuarially determined to provide the best results for your clients specific

Cash Balance Plan.

No. 6

Smart and Tailored.

Each Cash Balance Plan is different;

we consider those differences when determining the proper asset allocation.

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